Statera Physical Therapy, PLLC is a private rehabilitation clinic owned and administered by Dr. Eden Y. Kang, the consulting and treating Doctor of Physical Therapy. Statera Physical Therapy aims to provide exceptional physical therapy care to all ages and population, specially Korean community, with musculoskeletal or neurological disabilities in Houston, TX.

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Statera Physical Therapy, PLLC

  The Mission of Statera Physical Therapy, PLLC is to provide the ultimate medical treatments required to allow clients to recover physically and psychologically. 


  • We will view each client as an individual with unique needs and we will strive to acknowledge, understand and respond to those unique needs. We will co-operate in harmony as a treatment team dedicated to meeting our client’s unique needs.

  • We will endeavor to use all our evidence-based skills and experience and to continually seek medical knowledge in order to deliver finest care to our clients.

  • We will enlist active participation in the recovery process and enable clients to be the leading role in their own health and recovery by educating self-management.

  • We will maintain the highest integrity for the benefit of our clients and with referring physicians.

  • We will adhere to and support the mission, purpose, philosophy and adopt of the Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist. Through our superb rehabilitation program, clients will be the main actor of their unique treatment and regain health as the true meaning.

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Statera Physical Therapy